We are Universal Smiles

About Us

Universal Smiles is a non-profit organization established to serve the community of the Nakasongala District in the central region of Uganda by providing year round pro-bono oral health care services, including but not limited to, oral health education and preventative services, restorative care, and oral surgery.



Clinic Initiative

Universal Smiles is committed to providing accessibility to essential dental services and education 365 days a year to the residents of the rural Nakasongola District in central Uganda. As such, a state of the art permanent clinic is needed to fulfill this mission. The clinic will provide a much needed opportunity for local children and adults to receive year round pro-bono cleanings, sealants, fluoride treatments, fillings, extractions, dentures and other dental services without having to travel many hours for treatment that they cannot afford.

In addition to the goal of improving access to care, the clinic will not only provide an opportunity to train more dentists in Uganda but also function as a comprehensive health clinic. Currently about 12 dentists graduate each year in the entire country. The current output of dentists leaves Uganda at an estimated ratio of one dentist for every 165,000 people. The clinic will produce at least 3 more dentists each year through collaboration with Makerere University College of Health Sciences. The proposed clinic will act not only as a dental clinic but could be used by medical, nursing, optometry, women’s health, engineering, water access, or educational teams, to name a few options. There will be housing for up to 32 people at any time that will be built alongside the clinic.

The proposed clinic will be built by local Ugandans, creating an opportunity for the local economy.